Friday, March 25, 2011

beamer benz or bentley.. i mean demin tees and scarves

ahhh the coveted denim tee and scarf combo.. its a great look for anytime of year. especially now with barbecue season coming up and the denim jacket hotter then ever.
the best money i spent this year was on loads of victoriassecret vnecks 2 for $24.. however you can find these essentials at any of your favorite stores. remember fit and sheerness are essential to the choice you make. remember with fit: tight enough to see your curves but loose enough tht you can breath.
as far as denim selection goes,, i bought a denim jacket from AE 8 years ago and i still wear it today. this is this seasons denim jacket from American Eagle for $49.50
denim jackets are best worn open so i usually buy a size down.
scarves are a dime a dozen. luckily there is a method to the madness of choosing a scarf. remember to look for a gauzy cotton material that gives your scarf fullness when you wrap it around your neck. also in the summer time this gauzy material is less heavy and wont make you hotter then you already are. also a fringed end makes for a great finish on a scarf. among the basic color choices dont forget to mix in prints to your scarf selection. This scarf from charlotte russe is $9.50

Happy Shopping!

Fab U

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