Monday, February 28, 2011

i stole my boyfriends wardrobe

so as i work to perfect my summer intern style I am now looking to sportwear influencers like dsquared. this is from their spring 2011 line and it is the perfect use of androgyny. I often steal my boyfriends jeans because i hate to wear sweat pants when im feeling lazy and his pants just fit right in every way. Now i have an excuse to wear them all the time. 
Charlotte russe has this great fedora for under $15. paired with these rose colored glasses from forever 21 for $6 make for great boyish accessories. The shorts below are the perfect addition to be boyish look for $18 at forever 21.

Happy Shopping.

Fab U

Saturday, February 19, 2011

all thats fit to glitz

ahhh this is like a refreshing glass of water, i love glittery gowns and cocktail dresses. quality glitter dresses are a hott commodity. sometimes you get lucky and find a great dress with sequins for cheap but sometimes you see an amazing sequin dress at Nordstroms for $200. 
Luckily you have me to find all the deals for you
This sequined dress is from nordstroms: $58. that is an amazing find and it passes all of the sequined dress tests like sequins all around to the back and not just sequins on the front. well sewn and sequined wont be falling off and a great price.

happy shopping!

Fab U

Thursday, February 17, 2011

dont get your feathers in a RUFFLE

this dress is from Nina Ricci Spring 2011 line. ruffles are a feminine spring time look that always look cute on a first date. the weather has been nice in NYC so i have been getting my grub on checking out all the restaurants i have been meaning to try. the trick to rocking the ruffles is all in the accessories. thick collared necklaces and a skinny- medium width belts so you dont lose you figure in the mess of the ruffles. Nina Ricci did a belted fabric waist on the model. for an affordable look forever 21 has a great ruffle dresses
if you are looking for a complete look here is a ruffle dress from top shop still under a $100 and no belting needed just some gold jewelry. however if you are looking for something under $40 this dress below is from forever 21

this paired with a great pair of pumps and a belt has u ready for spring time date night. all under $30.

happy shopping.

Fab U

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

your highness

so we all love sky high platform. i'm a fan cus im only 5'5 so it really elongates my legs when im on a date with my boyfriend who is 6" something or with my friends who are 5'7. but theres a fine line between glamourous platforms and tranny hooker platapussies. 
These platforms from jessica simpson collection are a signature look. you can get these shoes from DSW and use a coupon from to get a % off and free shipping. these shoes will elongate you leg and you can look very chic instead of a hot mess.

happy shopping.

Fab U

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

beach nut

the summer season is approaching and also spring break, this means sexified beach and poolside wear. i dont know about you guys but what i wear to the beach is just as important as the bikini im wearing underneath them. above there is a girl with light denim shorts a light weight slouched bolero and bandeau. the straw woven bag is the perfect finish to a great beach out fit. just dont forget you bag is in the sand, they tend to blend. HM has great red tag beach wear during the warm month. last summer i got a cover up for $15.

lastly dont forget a chic floppy hat, which you can find at any store once the warm months start. so toss on those forever 21 $8 sunglasses and head down to the beach looking fabulous.

Happy Shopping!

Fab U

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trail Blazer

theres nothing i love more then a well fitting blazer. I own about 5 and i started to collect them a couple of month ago. they have a great fit and are great for layering. i consider them to be the new cardigan. its a thought that blazers are interview clothes but THIS IS FALSE. blazers go great for every occasion. i wear them to dinner over a strapless mini dress or even to the movies with jeans and a vneck.  I was inspired by the Fall 2011 RTW line from Ruffian. There were so many blazers. Long blazers, short blazer, penguin cut, cropped cut. It was amazing and beautiful. So i thought i would post about the essential blazer and how to get a great blazer for a low price.
I buy most of my blazers from HM which we all know offers low prices on great finds. all under $50.
i also found a great blazer from NY & Co. who has the best sale rack i have ever seen for essentials like dress trousers, button down shirts, and blazers. all 30%-60% off

Happy Shopping.

Fab U

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Day treat sheet

okay all you hopeless romantics out there. here is your vday day treat sheet. cus honestly i dont know about you but i want something different this vday.. and definitely something decadent. 
pictured above are Macarons, the new hot NYC treat trend. which has been picking up popularity every since they were featured on gossip girl as blairs indulgent snack. 
besides a sweet treat with your boo or girlfriends. 
have an intimate dinner this not only saves money and creates a fun task for you spouses find it sexy that you care enough to risk you life stepping into the kitchen to cook for them. also it doesnt hurt for them to lick some frosting off you either.
wearing something sexy and playful while you cook can create an arousing environment for you and your boo. Victorias Secret has the cutest babydolls to wear while playing chef on VDay
These babydolls run from $29-$50. if you are looking for something a bit cheaper also has babydolls for under $15.

Happy Shopping.

Fab U

Thursday, February 10, 2011

work what you got

so not everyone has a closet like Carrie from Sex and the City but we do need to work with the space we have. so the new trend in closet and space saving is building cabinets and drawers within your closet space. this room used an iron rod and hung up a curtain in front of her open face closet which gives it a homey cute feel. utilize hanger space but also above the hanger rod and below the space where your clothes end. keep easy wrinkling fabrics hung, like silk blazers, dress trousers, dress shirts, and blouses. 
if you are working on a budget ikea has great chic solutions. if you need cheap more then chic, target also has great space saver for under $20. These white drawers on the right normally go for $500-$600 go for $250 at Ikea. 

Happy Shopping.

Fab U

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

BANGle me so good.

so if you're afraid of bulky jewelry... dont be
i dont know how many times i must have said this but this summer it will be even more essential to wear bulky bangles.
with the trend leaning towards streamline simple lines and modern looks the bangle makes the glam to the outfit. you all know my affinity for accessories.. well heres my new guilty pleasure. feel free to indulge.
forever 21 has great great bracelets for under $10.  the looks to keep in mind are (from right to left) the tribal "rude boy" look, the glam bitch socialite look, modern sleek rocker look. these bracelets range from $4-8

happy shopping!

Fab U

Monday, February 7, 2011

a new kind of made up

what is make up to you?
we wake up and put on some foundation, mascara, and eyeliner. maybe even a plain pink lip.
make up has evolved into something more then just simplicity. we can incorporate color into our everyday look. this isnt new but i would say its under appreciated. 
last week i went to the super market wearing my usual skinny jean oversize tee cropped jacket and over the knee boots.
my hair was in a bun however i had on no foundation or eye liner. Just fuscha mascara and blush on my cheeks. simple right? however still eye catching and brings out the beauty in our skin. most women have amazing skin, why clump on globs of the same make up every day. keep it simple, by a good moisturizer to get an even skin tone. i use clinique everyday moisturizer for $19. 
Sephora gives out daily free bees and offers a great array of makeup types and color. trade in you black eye liner for a brown or burgundy or purple.
no one is saying you need neon green on you eyes but choose a complementary color to your eye color. my eyes are brown so i love to buy purples and fuschias to accentuate my eye.
MAC has a great mascara limited edition makeup. I recently bought the wonder woman fuschia mascara for $15 and it works wonders for my eyes.

happy shopping.

fab U

Sunday, February 6, 2011

does mix and match mean crazy bitch?

i have seen ladies wearing glitter mini skirts with patterned tops and different colored bags and i hear alot from girls what do you think of this trend? Mixing and matching is not a new thing but it has evolved in the last year or 2. Above the girl is wearing a lace dress, leopard wedges, and a navy blazer. this outfit looks great for a date night or shopping with the girls. if you want to learn to put together your own mix and match outfit you should think of these steps before proceeding:
-address the occasssion
-pick out you staples, ex. jeans, blazer, skirt, dress, etc.
-accessorize in opposites, ex. you are wearing a black blazer with a leopard lining that shows when u turn up the sleeves grab some gold glitter stillettos from steve madden or a red bag with royal blue shoes and navy skinny jeans.

These outfits are great because you can look fabulous by just buying separates from the fabulous finds section in forever 21 when everything is under $20. pair up these pieces and creates multiple complete looks.  mixing and matching can be fun but be careful, it can get wild when you put too many colors together and dont consider the consequences. 

happy shopping.

Fab  U

Saturday, February 5, 2011

i believe in jumpsuits

i believe in jumpsuits. they provide a comfort and a sexy illusion for women. Terry Richardson (above) shows off her long legs in this summer time show stopper, below is a jumpsuit from Newport News for $49. I bought a black vneck jumpsuit for $30 from H&M. they look great with stillettos and wedges.