Monday, February 7, 2011

a new kind of made up

what is make up to you?
we wake up and put on some foundation, mascara, and eyeliner. maybe even a plain pink lip.
make up has evolved into something more then just simplicity. we can incorporate color into our everyday look. this isnt new but i would say its under appreciated. 
last week i went to the super market wearing my usual skinny jean oversize tee cropped jacket and over the knee boots.
my hair was in a bun however i had on no foundation or eye liner. Just fuscha mascara and blush on my cheeks. simple right? however still eye catching and brings out the beauty in our skin. most women have amazing skin, why clump on globs of the same make up every day. keep it simple, by a good moisturizer to get an even skin tone. i use clinique everyday moisturizer for $19. 
Sephora gives out daily free bees and offers a great array of makeup types and color. trade in you black eye liner for a brown or burgundy or purple.
no one is saying you need neon green on you eyes but choose a complementary color to your eye color. my eyes are brown so i love to buy purples and fuschias to accentuate my eye.
MAC has a great mascara limited edition makeup. I recently bought the wonder woman fuschia mascara for $15 and it works wonders for my eyes.

happy shopping.

fab U

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