Saturday, February 19, 2011

all thats fit to glitz

ahhh this is like a refreshing glass of water, i love glittery gowns and cocktail dresses. quality glitter dresses are a hott commodity. sometimes you get lucky and find a great dress with sequins for cheap but sometimes you see an amazing sequin dress at Nordstroms for $200. 
Luckily you have me to find all the deals for you
This sequined dress is from nordstroms: $58. that is an amazing find and it passes all of the sequined dress tests like sequins all around to the back and not just sequins on the front. well sewn and sequined wont be falling off and a great price.

happy shopping!

Fab U


  1. Wow, it's so beautiful! I think sequin dresses are so fun for a night out! You found an amazing deal too! xoxooxo

  2. Nice finds! I wish I could wear something like this, but I don't think I could ever pull it off...x x

  3. totally love it

  4. love love love the jumpsuit on the left.