Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trail Blazer

theres nothing i love more then a well fitting blazer. I own about 5 and i started to collect them a couple of month ago. they have a great fit and are great for layering. i consider them to be the new cardigan. its a thought that blazers are interview clothes but THIS IS FALSE. blazers go great for every occasion. i wear them to dinner over a strapless mini dress or even to the movies with jeans and a vneck.  I was inspired by the Fall 2011 RTW line from Ruffian. There were so many blazers. Long blazers, short blazer, penguin cut, cropped cut. It was amazing and beautiful. So i thought i would post about the essential blazer and how to get a great blazer for a low price.
I buy most of my blazers from HM which we all know offers low prices on great finds. all under $50.
i also found a great blazer from NY & Co. who has the best sale rack i have ever seen for essentials like dress trousers, button down shirts, and blazers. all 30%-60% off

Happy Shopping.

Fab U

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  1. I adore blazers too - my wardrobe is chock a block with them! :) I always think U.O have great blazers, but I always feel a bit guilty buying them when I see the price tag! x