Thursday, February 10, 2011

work what you got

so not everyone has a closet like Carrie from Sex and the City but we do need to work with the space we have. so the new trend in closet and space saving is building cabinets and drawers within your closet space. this room used an iron rod and hung up a curtain in front of her open face closet which gives it a homey cute feel. utilize hanger space but also above the hanger rod and below the space where your clothes end. keep easy wrinkling fabrics hung, like silk blazers, dress trousers, dress shirts, and blouses. 
if you are working on a budget ikea has great chic solutions. if you need cheap more then chic, target also has great space saver for under $20. These white drawers on the right normally go for $500-$600 go for $250 at Ikea. 

Happy Shopping.

Fab U

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  1. I looooove Sex and the City (and Carrie's closet)! That's a cute DIY idea with the curtains :).