Tuesday, December 21, 2010

tis the season for bras

time to go bra shopping ladies. you dont want to start the new year saggy. 
luckily for you there are major bras on sale.
Gilly hicks, victorias secret, and fredricks of hollywood have all put their top bras on sale

Gilly hicks, similar to victorias secret pink line, is a branch of abercrombie and fitch featuring sexy bras with lace and cutsie patterns on their bras.
their bras are 2 for $40 and have 40% off in the store and website.

victorias secret always has sales on thier bras 
right now they have an extra 20% off clearance bras and feature bras 2 for $32
fredricks of hollywood of having a super sale on their bras. when you buy 2 or more bras they are $19.50 each.
where should i buy my bras you ask? well thats all up to you. each woman is different and every bra is different. 
Gilly hicks has a great push up, but if you have a long torso maybe you should get victorias secret bras because their adjustable straps are better for taller girls. Fredericks of hollywood has a sexier more comfortable bra.

what ever you choose in the end will work best for you, but do it soon cus these amazing sales wont last forever.

Happy Shopping!

Fab U

bikini season?

would you believe me if i told you its bikini season?
yeah i wouldnt either. but now is actually the best time to buy.
all you favorite expensive brands actually have swim wear discounted,
abercrombie, victorias secret, and dozens of other retail stores have their swimwear discounted
on the other hand brands like Dolce and Gabbana and Juicy Couture are just premiering their swimwear lines for 2011. So dont expect to see discounts on those. But last years styles are definetly on sale.

as the kardashians work to take over the world. they have come out with a swim wear line for beach bunny
this line features swimwear trends of 2011
which include marilyn monroe inspired monkinis and chains 
another trend featured by the Cali line is lace
but this trend reminds me of lingerie. so i would shy away from it

Happy shopping!

Fab U

Friday, December 17, 2010

Trends: the cropped top.

i love cropped tops
but I am especially obsessed with cropped corsets.
they fit sexy and pair it with a high waisted pants and cropped pea coat and you will look so fabulous for the night.
also finish the outfit with a chunky necklace. 
Chunky necklace from forever 21 $12.80

c'est magnifique.

Happy shopping.

Fab U

Friday, December 10, 2010

Dress Trends 101

Have you guy heard of ModCloth.com This website has affordable dress that are fabulous vintage and red carpet worthy this dress below follows the lace trend that many designers are using

Kirsten Dunst wore a Valentino dress similar to the one i found on Modcloth with the lace overlay

if you are looking to mimic your favorite red carpet looks, then look no further.

Happy shopping

Fab U

New Years Dress:Herve Leger Edition

Are you a fan of Herve Leger?
If you never heard of it. it is a brand branched off of BCBG and they make fabulous dresses. many celebrities wear these sexy tight dress, like Blake Lively and Kim Kardashian
This image above is from Madonnas Material Girl Collection
Its a bandages skirt which would pair perfectly with a tight black tee shirt or tank top and you could have this red carpet Herve Leger look a like.

above: Leighton Meester on Gossip Girl wearing Herve Leger

happy shopping!

Fab U

Friday, December 3, 2010

the animal print clutch

the printed clutch is a great accessory to make any solid colored boring outfit.
to avoid paying up to $500 for a clutch  like this from neiman marcus or bloomingdales check hm and forever21 for some great printed clutches this holiday season.

both of the clutchs above are from forever 21
under $20. tis the season to appreciate that kinda savings
and still fabulous

Thursday, December 2, 2010

winter musts

Now that the weather has dropped so low that you haveta wear a jacket instead of layer
i thought i would bring out the fabulous winter musts
at the top of that list would be
1. A sturdy pair of fabulous boots to keep the snow out.
I recommend UGGS, they dont just make comfy boots for high school girls anymore
their Casdy boot (seen below) is warm and cute and will last a lifetime.
2. The circular scarf
this scarf has gained much deserved popularity over the past two years and is a convenient winter accessory for keeping your neck warm and adding a pop of color peeking out of your usually monotone winter jacket. i recommend buying one from american apparel which has a multitude of uses and a great length
3. Lastly on my brief list of winter musts in the long glove. remember those ballroom gloves you wore at your sweet 16 to look like cinderella?
well now they are back to keep your whole arm warm for the winter. my recommendation is forever 21 fingerless long gloves for 7.80. fingers free for texting and wrists warm.

happy shopping.

Fab U

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

how do you feel about a statement piece

isnt this exquisite. rihanna is rockin the chunky jewelry with a huge turquoise bangle and earrings
lucky for us the holiday season has brought us good deals on GREAT jewelry.
shopbop has most of their jewelry marked down from 30% - 70% off
this gold piece is the color for the season from Carol Marie for 30% off on shopbop

these are your grandmas pearls! they're better and the are for under $100 from Juliet & Company 

if you want a statement piece like rihanna, Jen's Pirate Booty brings this lovely beaded fringe necklace for $61.50 

happy shopping.

Fab U