Thursday, December 2, 2010

winter musts

Now that the weather has dropped so low that you haveta wear a jacket instead of layer
i thought i would bring out the fabulous winter musts
at the top of that list would be
1. A sturdy pair of fabulous boots to keep the snow out.
I recommend UGGS, they dont just make comfy boots for high school girls anymore
their Casdy boot (seen below) is warm and cute and will last a lifetime.
2. The circular scarf
this scarf has gained much deserved popularity over the past two years and is a convenient winter accessory for keeping your neck warm and adding a pop of color peeking out of your usually monotone winter jacket. i recommend buying one from american apparel which has a multitude of uses and a great length
3. Lastly on my brief list of winter musts in the long glove. remember those ballroom gloves you wore at your sweet 16 to look like cinderella?
well now they are back to keep your whole arm warm for the winter. my recommendation is forever 21 fingerless long gloves for 7.80. fingers free for texting and wrists warm.

happy shopping.

Fab U

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