Tuesday, December 21, 2010

tis the season for bras

time to go bra shopping ladies. you dont want to start the new year saggy. 
luckily for you there are major bras on sale.
Gilly hicks, victorias secret, and fredricks of hollywood have all put their top bras on sale

Gilly hicks, similar to victorias secret pink line, is a branch of abercrombie and fitch featuring sexy bras with lace and cutsie patterns on their bras.
their bras are 2 for $40 and have 40% off in the store and website.

victorias secret always has sales on thier bras 
right now they have an extra 20% off clearance bras and feature bras 2 for $32
fredricks of hollywood of having a super sale on their bras. when you buy 2 or more bras they are $19.50 each.
where should i buy my bras you ask? well thats all up to you. each woman is different and every bra is different. 
Gilly hicks has a great push up, but if you have a long torso maybe you should get victorias secret bras because their adjustable straps are better for taller girls. Fredericks of hollywood has a sexier more comfortable bra.

what ever you choose in the end will work best for you, but do it soon cus these amazing sales wont last forever.

Happy Shopping!

Fab U

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