Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Day treat sheet

okay all you hopeless romantics out there. here is your vday day treat sheet. cus honestly i dont know about you but i want something different this vday.. and definitely something decadent. 
pictured above are Macarons, the new hot NYC treat trend. which has been picking up popularity every since they were featured on gossip girl as blairs indulgent snack. 
besides a sweet treat with your boo or girlfriends. 
have an intimate dinner this not only saves money and creates a fun task for you spouses find it sexy that you care enough to risk you life stepping into the kitchen to cook for them. also it doesnt hurt for them to lick some frosting off you either.
wearing something sexy and playful while you cook can create an arousing environment for you and your boo. Victorias Secret has the cutest babydolls to wear while playing chef on VDay
These babydolls run from $29-$50. if you are looking for something a bit cheaper also has babydolls for under $15.

Happy Shopping.

Fab U

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