Sunday, February 6, 2011

does mix and match mean crazy bitch?

i have seen ladies wearing glitter mini skirts with patterned tops and different colored bags and i hear alot from girls what do you think of this trend? Mixing and matching is not a new thing but it has evolved in the last year or 2. Above the girl is wearing a lace dress, leopard wedges, and a navy blazer. this outfit looks great for a date night or shopping with the girls. if you want to learn to put together your own mix and match outfit you should think of these steps before proceeding:
-address the occasssion
-pick out you staples, ex. jeans, blazer, skirt, dress, etc.
-accessorize in opposites, ex. you are wearing a black blazer with a leopard lining that shows when u turn up the sleeves grab some gold glitter stillettos from steve madden or a red bag with royal blue shoes and navy skinny jeans.

These outfits are great because you can look fabulous by just buying separates from the fabulous finds section in forever 21 when everything is under $20. pair up these pieces and creates multiple complete looks.  mixing and matching can be fun but be careful, it can get wild when you put too many colors together and dont consider the consequences. 

happy shopping.

Fab  U

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