Monday, March 28, 2011

Wear your Hair

This new cutesy trend has been featured on the runways and trend blogs all over. This video is brought to us by free people and is available on YouTube. This was important to me because it gives a fresh take to what people would normally do, a french braid. the incorporation of colors is young and fresh. This strands of hair are relatively cheap and can be found at claires or spencer stores and sell for $7. However for those of us who love the look but want a more subdued version, i have some simple suggestions. choose colors that highlight you natural tones. 
for example if you are blonde choose different shades of blonde to incorporate into you hair and for other colors do the same. The trickiest color to blend is red heads. if you are a darker red i suggest blending in shades of a lighter or darker blonde depending how dark your shade is. 
Look to celebrity highlights for inspiration on trying your new braid style.

Happy Shopping!

Fab U

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